About Alar

A unique blend of local knowledge and worldwide experience

Alar has been coming to what is now the Town of The Blue Mountains for over 60 years, and moved here permanently in 2009.

He is geologist with over 40 years of experience in the mineral exploration industry in Canada and overseas. He is currently Chairman of the Board of the Wallbridge Mining Company and also serves on the Board of Carube Copper Corp. He has also served on advisory boards of university research centres and the Ontario Geological Survey.

Alar grew up spending summers at the family cottage at Christie Beach. His father, a carpenter, built the cottage with a friend in 1955. They each owned half—two bedrooms each. Alar enjoyed entire summers at the cottage with his mother and sister, often with 2 or 3 other families of relatives, while his father worked in Toronto. 

This was a simpler time. The cottage had an outhouse with no running water, the Georgian Trail was still a railroad, and the Lora Bay Golf Course was Hoggard’s Farm. Kids played, built forts in the bush, and made wooden rafts to pole around in the bay. Yes, they were allowed to use hammers, axes, and saws!

Spending summers at Christie Beach, Alar developed a love for the area as well as an interest in rocks and fossils, which led him to a successful career as a geologist. After working in many parts of Canada, as well as overseas in West Africa, Indonesia, and Central America, Alar found no place he would rather settle down than right here in The Town of Blue Mountains.  

When his two children headed off to university, Alar bought a house down the beach from the family cottage, and moved back to Christie Beach in 2009. At the time, he was the chief executive officer of a small mining company in Sudbury, so he split his time between Sudbury, Toronto, and home. 

During his career as a geologist and mining executive Alar has had the opportunity to work with both individuals, boards of directors, and stakeholder groups from the communities he has worked in. He recognizes that being open and honest, listening to people, and working with them, rather than against them, goes a long way towards solving the most difficult of issues. 

Since moving to our town, Alar has worked to improve communication and community engagement by founding the Citizens’ Forum and the Citizens’ Pages. He has also been involved in fundraising events and the initiative to bring the sport of curling back to the Town of Blue Mountains. 

As a candidate for mayor, Alar brings a unique blend of local knowledge, proven executive leadership and experience working with diverse groups of people from around the world. 

Local Knowledge - Worldwide Experience